Handmades Sale began November 2012 when a small group of friends and co-workers at a local non-profit wanted a way to sell our handmade goods to the local community. From the start we sought to create a shopping experience that provided shoppers with a variety of high quality handmade gifts for the holiday season. The first four years Handmades Sale was an in-home trunk show in a house in Atlanta, hosting over 15 vendors inside our first year! It was a true labor of love and after the first show we all agreed that we were on to something wonderful. After our fourth show we realized that we were quickly outgrowing the trunk show model. In 2015 we branched out to two larger Holiday shows in Cumming and Atlanta in all-new larger venues, where we remain today. 


                                             Handmades Sale is different from many other sales in that we strive to keep that personal touch to both shoppers and sellers. As crafters ourselves, we believe in the importance of customer service. When participating in any craft show, vendors want to feel like they are not just another table in the row and Handmades Sale seeks to help artisans stand out and be noticed. We believe artisans should be celebrated and given opportunities to participate in environments that allow them to learn and flourish. They should have opporunity to make connections to local customers and get productive feedback about their products and brand and gain confidence in who they are as a maker. We believe the artisan community should be actively nurturing, mentoring and equipping other artisans and we seek to always be a small piece of that endeavor.   

About Us

Brianna Torrey

Tailored by Torrey

Proudly featured in:


Up in Cumming Magazine 2015


Forsyth Herald 2015

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Stephanie Hughes

Jamestown Place

Coffee Company and 

Hare and Feather

Stephanie and her husband founded Jamestown Place Coffee Co. in Tucker, Georgia in 2011. Tired of paying high prices for mediocre coffee and becoming more conscious of food quality and sourcing they began roasting their own coffee at home. Within a few years their homeroast blends and coffee products were a success with friends and they turned their hobby into a family business. They are now branching out into urban backyard homesteading, starting a thriving hobby farm aimed to help their daugther, who has food sensitivities. 

Stephanie is a member of our Atlanta team. She loves that Handmades Sale encourages local artisans to share their gifts with others. In spite of its growth, she believes Handmades Sale still gives everyone the feel of a warm, inviting in-home show. She believes strongly that is important to support the creativity of others,  small businesses, and products proudly made in the USA. She loves that when buying handmade you have the opportunity to meet and talk with the maker, giving you a special appreciation for the items you purchase, unlike buying in a Big Box store.

In addition, Stephanie is also a piano and drum instructor in the metro Atlanta area. She's a multi-talented busy bee, but loves everything she gets to do on a daily basis!

Brianna is the owner and designer Tailored by Torrey based in Cumming, Georgia. Tailored by Torrey began as a small venture to make beautiful, affordable, one-of-a-kind aprons when Brianna first got married in 2010 and was living in a shoebox apartment in downtown Atlanta. She would store her sewing machine in a small corner of the apartment and sew on the floor when she had time. She opened her Etsy shop in 2011 and since then has expanded to making dainty personal accessories for women and teens and a menagerie of baby gift items. Her business has been featured in Points North Magazine.

Brianna is a member of our North Metro team. She helped to start Handmades Sale in 2012.  She loves craft shows like Handades Sale because when she supports a handmade business she knows that she is supporting someone who loves what they do and work hard to make it happen. Artisans are the spice of life. When she started her business, she was terrified of craft shows. Since Handmades Sale, she has used the feedback and confidence she gained to participate in several shows a year. 

She is the mother of one daughter, with another daughter on the way. She has enjoyed using her sewing and crafting skills to make things for them. Like her mother before her, sewing is something she can't wait to teach her girls. When she's not sewing or wrangling a toddler, she loves being outside or catching up on episodes of Fixer Upper on Netflix.

Amanda Lillie

The Lillie Pad

Handmades Sale event featured in Up in Cumming Magazine 2015
Handmades Sale Event featured in the Forsyth Herald 2015

Amanda is the owner and designer at The Lillie Pad based in Dawsonville, Georgia. She makes delightful crochet and personalized treasures. As afourth generation crocheter in her family, she opened her Etsy shop in 2012 after losing her job as a school teacher during the recession. What was once a hobby quickly turned into a full-time business in 2013. She has since added a line of personalized gifts, tees, and home decor to her shop lineup. Her works have been featured in The Daily Mail, Good Morning America, Today, Buzzfeed, and more.

Amanda is a member of the North Metro Team. Her favorite thing about Handmades Sale is that it has been a great way to connect with new and local customers. One of the downsides to selling primarily online is that it is harder to connect with local shoppers. She loves the opportunity Handmades Sale provides her to meet locals face-to-face, interact with them about her products, and connect with them in a more meaningful way--moreso than any other craft market in which she has participated. 

Amanda has a husband and one daughter. She loves being a mompreneur, spending time with her family, and relaxing at Lake Lanier. 

Our Mission

Christie Poyo

A Cranberry Day

Christie, owner and designer at A Cranberry Day on Etsy, sells lovely, modern teething necklaces. She has had her shop for five years and has enjoyed the process of finding her creative niche.

Christie is a member of our Atlanta team and has been with Handmades Sale since Day One. She couldn't be more grateful and excited about being a part of what Handmades Sale is doing. What does she love about Handmades Sale? It's grassroots. It's made with love. It's a community event to inspire beauty and creativity.  


When she's not crafting (and even when she is) she stays busy chasing her sweet adventurous son who reminds her to enjoy every moment of life. She also loves being a wife to her dear husband.