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We at Handmades Sale look to curate a wide variety of vendors that have great craftsmanship, unique items, and a sense of fresh styles and modern trends for our shows. Therefore all of our events are juried and vendors must go through an approval process.We want to ensure that a vendor's products will be a good fit for the sale and we limit the number of vendors allowed to sell in crafting and product categories and all vendors must sellers of handmade items. In this we hope to give everyone the best opportunity for a positive selling experience.  If you are a first time craft show vendor or are just starting your crafting business, fear not! We LOVE to encourage promising, new makers along their journey as well!

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Wondering if our shows are a right fit for your handmade business? Here are our show rules as well as things we typically look for during the jury process for both new and returning vendors. Also be sure to check out our Gallery page to see the level of quality and aesthetic we look for in prospective vendors.


-All items must be handmade/homemade by vendor.

-Vendor/Artist must be present at the sale. No third party may sell in your stead unless previously approved by a HS organizer, which is only allowed in very special cases. 

-Sorry, no direct sales vendors. (Scentsy, Thirty-One, Pampered Chef, etc.)

-The sale of packaged, post-consumer foods and consumable goods such as baked goods, jams & jellies, coffees, etc is allowed.

-The sale of alcohol, tobacco, wheaponry, and any objectionable material is not allowed.

-The sale of licensed merchandise (sports teams, brands, characters, etc) is not allowed unless a vendor can provide proof of a valid commercial licensing agreement with the brand, team, or company or equivalent agreement.

-We are dedicated to supporting our local artisan community here in Georgia. All vendors must be based in the state of Georgia.

-Other show specific show rules and regulations, such as tablecloth rules and display regulations, are available upon request or are oftentimes listed on show applications. Feel free to contact us with any questions about those rules if needed or if applications are closed at the time. We are happy to help.


We now welcome food trucks, carts, and vendors with fresh fare, modern tastes, and fun vibes to our shows!

All food vendors will be promoted in ads/social media the weeks leading up to the show, and we ask that food vendors also share the love by cross-promoting to their fans and followers. 
We allow around 1-3 food vendors per show, with at least one vendor being a full sized truck/vendor that can serve meals and main dishes, and the second truck can be either another full size truck/vendor or a coffee/dessert/snacks cart or truck.
Food vendors will set-up and sell immediately outside of the event space. Vendors with self-contained food trucks and carts are preferred. 
We will provide a prime space for your truck in the event parking lot. Generators are allowed for full size food trucks.
We will provide trash cans for patrons. Depending on space, we may be able to provide a few tables and chairs nearby for patrons.
Food vendors will be required to show up at least 45 minutes before the show opens in order to secure your parking space. You may begin selling food earlier than the event begins 
Food vendors are required to be open by 10 am and selling food until the close of show at 4pm. You are welcome to stay up to 1 hour after show's end to sell to any vendors packing up if you wish, but you may not close and leave earlier than 4pm.
Sorry, per facility request, food trucks may not sell alcohol at these events.


-We look for items that are well-crafted and constructed, use quality materials, demonstrate a close attention to detail and finishing techniques, and would appeal to a somewhat broad customer base.

-We discourage the sale of licensed products such as teams, materials, or character memorabilia.  (i.e. Pro/College Sports teams, Disney items, etc) unless vendor can provide proof of commercial licensing for said items. 

-Photos submitted on applications should make it easy for us to see the quality of your work. Take the time to photograph your prodcuts well and in good lighting conditions. This can make or break it for you during the jury process.

-Having a good presence on social media with quality posts about your work is a big plus! It significantly helps us determine who you are as a maker and what makes your business special. When looking at your business's social media page, we are able to gather a sense about your story, your brand, and your passion for your craft. 

-When looking at any online shops (Etsy, etc) your items need to have detailed descriptions, good photos, and good customer reviews (if applicable). Your photos and reviews don't have to be perfect but we use them to determine the appeal of your items and your customer service to our shopper base.



We have a high rate of returning vendors applying to our shows from year to year. Here are some helpful hints we look for from our returning applicants that can help fast-track your acceptance to future shows.

-We love vendors that were courteous and respectful of venue property, HS staff and volunteers and other vendors

-We love vendors that follow the show rules of the event, especially keeping your items within the boudaries of your booth space and only bringing approved items.

-We love vendors that showed grace and patience as we worked to accommodate or fix any issues they may have had.

-We love vendors that were prompt to arrive at their assigned load-in times and refrained from packing up their booths earlier than the close of show. 

Is Handmades Sale right for my business?

Is my business right for Handmades Sale?